OptiOpenXML for Web

				'OptiOpenXML for Web' is a tool to reduce the file size to optimize the file that was created in Microsoft Office 2007 or later.
At first, please upload the file which wants to reduce from a 'Add a file to optimize'.
The optimization is over in around 10 seconds, but may take time depending on the congestion situation a little.
When optimization is complete, you become able to download a file from the following list.
The file is stored for 7 days by registration.

				The file is displayed only with the PC which you registered a file with.
When you want to download it from a different PC, please input "List ID".

				* It support to Word/Excel/PowerPoint file after Micosoft Office 2007.
* It doesn't support to a file of the old format before Micosoft Office 2003.

List of registration files

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Capacity: 0MB / 100MB
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